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Why Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is Important


The recent elections in the United States have made history by voting in Danica Roem and Andrea Jenkins, two of the first openly transgender people in public office. These victories are proof that the US is moving away from a history of prejudice and transphobia.


However many positive steps California, and the nation are taking towards an equal union, there are still social issues and cultural normative which can cause individuals to feel fearful and misunderstood. During times like this, getting cognitive behavioral therapy is a great alternative to depression and alienation from family and friends.


In an exciting essay featured in Psychology’s power tools, David A Sbarra explores the concept of cognitive behavioral therapy as an intervention tool to help people change into who they want to be while aiding their family and friends cope with the changes.  “A key aspect of maintaining our emotional health is not deepening our connection to painful thoughts,” says Sbarra. Pushing away from negative thoughts is key to Cognitive behavioral therapy.


The article explores further the research and concept of taking our own “psychological temperature and evaluating whether we need to conserve our resources or spring into action.” We try to determine our next steps by attempting a sort of harmony. Anxiety, depression, and sexual identity concerns can lead people into a negative direction when it comes to mental health.


We would like to push the notion of family therapy because it genuinely works as a way to break down the generation gaps, and barriers that occur during identity crisis. Cognitive behavioral therapy has been immensely successful in the process of sex-reassignment surgery, and other identity cases.


If you or a loved one might be falling into a negative headspace, please reach out to a friend, or contact a specialized cognitive behavioral therapist at FamilyTime Center.


Choose Psychotherapy

As hospitals have become more business oriented, people are finding themselves drawn more to psychologists as a solution.  Certainly, there are situations where you would need a doctor, but when it comes to mental health and psychological illness, then psychotherapy is the best way to go. In fact, psychotherapy is way better than any other kind of medical treatments, especially in the cases of anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, and other mental illness.

Thanks to the free information on the internet about mental illness, people in Los Angeles have become more aware of psychological disorders. They are also more and more aware of the side effects to medication through the use of online forums and chatrooms. Since we are all aware of these side effects people are mistrusting of medication. That is the reason why psychotherapy is being considered as one of the best way of eliminating psychological disorders with the use of therapy.

There are several advantages of psychotherapy that people are unaware of. If you want to know more, we’ve created an interesting list of 11 benefits to Psychotherapy, below!

1. Up to date: These therapies are based on the top research evidence, which doctors modernize constantly to stay on top of everything.

2. It is reflective: Psychotherapy uses the individual, without you the therapy will not work.

3. It is personalized: The therapy is initiated only after knowing about the character and nature of the person in detail.  

4. There is always hope:They offer optimism and hope and also try to instill the same in the patient.

5. It is modified while ongoing: Therapists keep a regular and frequent check on the condition of the patients and if they feel something is not right, they try to eliminate negative thoughts from the brain of the patient.

6. Sessions bring out news about yourself: Therapy is convincing, persuasive, and influential. Patients learn about themselves constantly, working with doctors to overcome mental illness.

7. Flexibility: Psychotherapy treatment is quite flexible and built to each patient's needs. During a session, which you plan according to your busy schedule, you and your doctor will cover many details and perspectives.

8. Therapy is engaging: The therapists make sure that they have an adaptive and acceptable answer to the questions and conditions of a patient which keeps them at ease and makes them feel relaxed.

9. Psychotherapists produce lifelong effects: The psychotherapists, before initiating the therapy, will build a rapport with you as it helps them in talking to the patient more openly. This process develops a personalized relationship which tailors your personal therapy. This process makes sure the effects of your therapy will be permanent.

10. Advanced research and dedication: Therapists are known for their interpersonal skills that are sophisticated. They do plenty of research before ever attempting alternative methods.

11. Side effect free: Therapy doesn’t have an adverse effect like medical treatment where you are asked to take a lot of medicines that make you dizzy and can even make your liver weak.  

Those were the prime advantages of alternative medicine, that is psychological therapy. They are advanced and are capable of curing a multitude of diseases. If you also have a psychological issue that you are unable to face, then check out FamilyTime Center for the best options. 


Finance as the Reason For Millennial To Be Stressed in Los Angeles

A survey report by American Psychological Association and Harris Interactive says that Millennials are the most stress out human beings in Los Angeles. The main reason for millennials to get stressed is the financial situation. The statistics about stress in millennials in Los Angeles is quite upsetting. A report in which 1200 employees with 401 k (Plans) were surveyed at different workplace across the country found, millennials worry about their finances and this also hinders their productivity at workplace.

An online survey which was conducted under the name of “Stress in America” included 2,020 adults that were 18 plus in age. The report found that most stressed people in Los Angeles were the millennials (19 percent) and people who aged between 34 yrs. to 47 yrs. had less stresses (12 percent only). The best therapists in Los Angeles are worried about the growing stress level in the youth.

Reasons for the Millennials to Stress get stressed in Los Angeles

There are several factors that give stress to millennials such as finances, psychological factor to become independent, broken families, so on and so forth. While going through various reports and surveys based on stress in millennials we elucidated that the main cause of stress in millennials is the finances.

Approx. 72% of millennials in Los Angeles are worried about the cost of living, followed by 63% who are worried about the cost of housing and 61% who are always tensed about saving money. Only 59% of youth were stressed because of relationship. Millennials are finding the cost of education and education to be growing higher which is making it tough to pay back their education debt. The unemployment rate is increasing and high education debt create a high degree of stress in millennials. The stress level in millennials aged between 18 to 33 years is traced to be 5.4 out of 10 which is high from the normal stress level. A stress score level of 3.6 out of 10 is considered to be healthy by the researchers.

How to Manage Stress

Stress is a feeling that generates in our body when any kind of demand or threat is generated. When we feel threatened our nervous system starts generating a kind of stress hormone that includes, cortisol and adrenaline. Little bit of stress is healthy for us to perform well at our workplace. But when it increases, people must seek help from the best therapists. Consulting therapists to cope up with stress and make life healthy is always a wise decision rather than wasting time and worsening health condition day by day.

We suggest millennials who are stressed out because of the high living cost in Los Angeles to meet a therapist at the FamilyTime center. The therapists at this center are the best in Los Angeles with passion and zeal to help you to overcome the stress.  Once you consult a therapist at FamilyTime Center, you can instantly feel connected. The therapists are well experienced and flexible in providing treatment that fits the client characteristics. 



Contrary to what many people believe, fear is not anxiety, it is actually an emotional state that exists only in the presence of a danger. Anxiety is what one anticipates even when the danger or threat is not present physically.

The person suffering from anxiety worries about future events that they fear. This fear causes symptoms like shakiness and fast heart rate in the affected individual.

If the person suffering from fear and anxiety is able to understand how it processed in his/her brain, he/she can easily overcome it. Los Angeles has some of the best options to overcome this fear and anxiety. We suggest trying out psychotherapy and neurotherapy in Los Angeles, California.

From childhood to adulthood

Most times the things we fear are from a memory or experience from our childhood. Our brains process the fear into images of monsters, nightmares, paranoia. Many parents tell their children tales about monsters, how they look and what they do in order to familiarize kids with these stories and fables. Since monsters are a symbolic to fear, some children who hear about them tend to believe they are real. Use family therapy to discover why your child has these fears and anxieties.

Halloween is around the corner. You can use this occasion to make your child understand the cause the monsters they fear, or expose them to the truths about their unconscious anxiety. Remember the understanding of fear comes from classical fear conditioning experiments. We know Halloween is for fun, but sometimes it can be really torturous for those with ingrained fears.

 There are experts who believe that Halloween can be used to provide kids affected by fear a safe way to experience and know the real truth of scary things. The kids know they are in a safe place with family and friends and that the goblins and ghosts walking up and down the streets are not real.

 5 Halloween Costumes to Dress Up As A Way to Overcome Fear and Anxiety

Halloween gives you an opportunity to help your children overcome their fears. One way to overcome our pesky fear of monsters and darkness is to wear scary costumes to understand and explore our fears. People suffering from post traumatic stress disorder can wear the following five Halloween costumes for dressing up as a way to overcome their fear and anxiety.

1. Beheaded: You are walking down the street and see a person whose head is missing, you can’t get much more terrifying than that. Just wear a largely shaped shirt to hide your head inside it. You can either buy a fake head or make use of Paper Mache paste and paper to create a head of your own.  And once it dries, then draw a face on paint.

2. Tooth Fairy Gone Bad: Tooth Fairy Gone bad’ is another excellent idea to scare your friends and family on the occasion of Halloween.  You can make use of angel or old fairy wings as your main prop. And you can add a big white tooth to the prop cut out of paper or from a simple t-shirt and fake blood all over your face and costume just to make it look as you were recently pulling some teeth. 

3. Vampire: Vampires are a classic symbolic of fear. You can customize the Vampire movie costumes to make them your favourite fictional vamp dress for Halloween. Whether it is a curtain, sheet or black blanket, just tie it around your neck. Make your own blood at home and make it bleed off the corners of your mouth same as that like actors do in vampire movies.

4. Sinister Clown: After the recent “It” movie, we all have a new fear and love of clowns. Wear your most colorful clothes and spray hair color over your hair, and make use of makeup or a face paint to create the red nose and gaping mouth. You can add blood for extra scares.

5. Ghost: The Ghost dress can be made out of a bed sheet. You can draw creepy eyes to cut eyes out with scissors. If you have no idea what to wear on Halloween to scare and trick people, then here is a list of costumes for you that will not just help you to overcome the fears, but also help get rid of the post traumatic stress disorder.

When it comes to Halloween costumes, you can be anyone or anything you want. But it’s good if you try to make something out of the event. Using costumes to teach children about fear and overcoming anxiety is a great benefit to an already fun holiday. Check out FamilyTime Centers blogs for more advice on working through anxiety. 


When you have to call someone or you have to move to a different place, you can have control over these actions using your body parts, but there are some functions such as blood pressure or heart rate that cannot be controlled via body parts. Such functions are controlled via the nervous system. It is not possible to fasten the heartbeat intentionally, the heartbeat can be fastened automatically when you are scared or excited. But there is one technique that can make it possible for you to gain control over these uncontrolled functions and the technique is called as biofeedback therapy. This therapy is useful in preventing health conditions like chronic pain, high blood pressure, and anxiety.

Since biofeedback therapy does not require any kind of drugs and it is non-invasive, therefore, undesirable side effects are reduced to a great extent. So, those who want a treatment that does not involve medication, this therapy can turn out to be an amazing treatment.

What are the different types of biofeedback therapy and how does the therapy work?

The biofeedback therapy is categorized into three different types:

i)  Neurofeedback therapy

ii)  Thermal biofeedback therapy

iii) Electromyography

How does biofeedback therapy work?

At the time of a biofeedback session, therapy expert attaches electrodes to the skin of the patient and these electrodes are helpful for sending information to a monitoring box. The therapist can be able to get insights into the patient’s mental activities by viewing measurements on the monitor via trial and error method.

Following 4 reasons why Los Angeles needs Biofeedback therapy:

i)  Helpful in treating constipation: Patients suffering from several forms of chronic constipation can make use of biofeedback therapy to get treated. With the help of this therapy, muscles in the digestive systems can be controlled that leads to smooth bowel movements.

ii)  Helpful in treating headaches: Biofeedback therapy is responsible for lowering the stress level, therefore, it is capable of treating migraine headaches. It is the best technique to get rid of stress and headaches without the help of medication and therefore, it offers the painless experience to the patients.

iii) Helpful in offering proper sleep: If you are unable to take a proper sleep or frustrated from snoring, then Electroencephalography (EEG) feedback can turn out to be helpful in treating symptoms of hyperarousal. There are different forms of neurofeedback therapy that are highly beneficial in treating insomnia symptoms. A person with such symptoms can be able to get recovered from such symptoms after undergoing 20-30 minutes of biofeedback sessions.

iv) Helpful in treating PTSD: There are a number of people who are living with some of the traumatic experiences nowadays. From car crashes to plane crashes, terrorist attacks, school violence, or emotional abuse, these all conditions are actual causes of trauma. People who are suffering from such traumatic symptoms actually have PTSD i.e. Post-traumatic stress disorder. So, biofeedback therapy can train the brains of people with PTSD to think like a normal person.

 Since there are a plenty of benefits associated with the biofeedback therapy, therefore, get this treatment if your nervous system is not functioning properly. It can be concluded from the points discussed above why Los Angeles requires biofeedback therapy.

For more information contact a specialist at FamilyTime Centers and set up a consultation!

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