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If you suffer from the hands of an abuser, physically or emotionally, you need to consider therapy to prevent future trauma. It is hard to contact the police, especially if this will end a relationship or destroy a family.  However, if you are being abused, it is necessary to find a solution, with the help of a specialist.

But, do you know that it is more difficult to eliminate the mental scar than a physical one? Because a mental scar is hidden, or unseen, an individual can go their entire life with a mental wound. The abuse survivors always say that psychologically they still feel under the spell of the abuse they faced. Even if it is a physical abuse, it is meant to affect you mentally as well. For some people, the whole time they faced the abuse is so overwhelming that it takes them decades to get rid of their past. The abuse victims always face trust issues, blocks to intimacy, anxiety, and distressing memories - also known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

The life of an abuse victim is certainly one of the most difficult ones and it always takes a psychiatrist or a therapist to help them get rid of the bad memories of their past. These therapies constantly make them realize that the abuse was just a phase and they are completely safe now.


There are several terrifying repercussions of an abuse which we, as common people, cannot understand. So, in order to save a dear one, try to understand what happens to a person when they survive the abuse of some kind.

  1. Anxiety- The victims are always scared of situations and people who remind them of their abuse.


  1. Anger- The survivor gets quite angry for not speaking up. Their anger is at their abusers who made them feel disgusting of themselves. They also start hating the ones who could have but didn't save them.


  1. Dissociation- They start feeling numb and as if they don't belong anywhere. This can be probably the worst feeling ever.


  1. Mood Swings- They often face mood swings where they become too irritated or too numb. They can become the victim of depression as well.


  1. Self-Destructive Behaviour- A survivor can really get self-destructive at that time, causing harm to them and losing the track of what's right and what's not.


  1. Trust Issues- They stop trusting people, even those ones who once used to be on their favorites list.  


Therapy is quite crucial for an abuse survivor because it lets them understand the brain and the recurring trauma of abuse. It also helps the process of learning self-compassion and self-care again which, in the long run, helps individuals trusting people again.

There are several kinds of therapy that are beneficial for an abuse survivor. Right from EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) to narrative therapy, all can be used to bring a victim back to normal. These therapies also include activities like meditation, journaling, etc.

One of the best forms of therapy for abused victims is group therapy; social support is given to the survivors which help them in getting rid of guilt and shame. If a survivor is more vulnerable or shy then the therapist will have to take a private session so that they feel comfortable and speak their heart out.   

 If you are being abused by a family member or spouse it is imperative to contact the police or another individual for assistance. It can be scary to endanger yourself even more, but with the help of a therapist you will find the right process to eliminate abuse from your life. 

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