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Social Anxiety Threatens Los Angeles

Do you ever get clammy palms, sweaty for no reason, or increased heartbeats? Nervousness or self-consciousness are common issues that anyone may come across while giving an interview or during the speech and this nervousness leads to anxiety.

Social anxiety has been talked about more openly in recent years, and thank goodness for that! Anxiety disorder is not something everybody is willing to admit they have, however, social anxiety is something most people can admit to have had. It is a situational illness, and one which can be treated easily, in comparison to a more detrimental mental illness.

A person suffering from the social anxiety disorder lives his or her life with a fear of embarrassing themselves. When a person has a social anxiety disorder, he or she may have an intense fear of some specific situations like meeting new people, eating in front of others, dating people, etc. In Los Angeles, we tend to be surrounded by the beautiful and the damned, in other words celebrities, actors, musicians, and artists. Social media is a huge aspect in the daily life of a Los Angeles native or visitor ad it also creates a fear of missing out (FOMO).

The fear of missing out is used daily in social media posts and advertising. It has become a huge driving force for many people and motivates a lot of us to even get out of the house. But, in between seeing all your friends pictures of the holidays, or their travels, you end up sitting around alone and feeling as if you have not accomplished anything in comparison. SO, how are we supposed to help or cure this feeling of FOMO if our culture revolves around it? How can a person living in a social city, like Los Angeles, identify their social anxiety and eventually get treatment?

What can cause social anxiety?

A person with the social anxiety order feels like he or she is the only one with this problem, but social anxiety is the quite common issue all across the world. Though the situations that activate the symptoms of social anxiety disorder can be different, mentioned below are some of the common situations that trigger the social anxiety disorder.

i)                    Meeting new people.

ii)                   Speaking publicly.

iii)                 Going on a date.

iv)                 Stage performance.

v)                  Taking exams.

vi)                 Becoming the center of attraction.

vii)               Going to public restrooms.

viii)              Making phone calls.

ix)                 Drinking or eating in front of others.

x)                  Attending events or social gatherings.

Physical symptoms of the social anxiety disorder:

        Upset stomach and nausea.

        Feeling dizzy or faint.

        Blushing or red face.

        Shaking or trembling of voice.

        Shortness of breath.

        Tightness in chest or racing heart.

Behavioral symptoms of the social anxiety disorder:

        Escaping or hiding yourself in the background as to stay away from embarrassment.

        Drinking before involving yourself in the social situations so as to soothe your nerves.

        Ignoring social situations to an extent that it can just upset your life and daily routines.

        You have an intense fear of the social situations that you have to take along your buddy to wherever you go.

If you feel that the social anxiety is impacting your life in a negative way, you can definitely benefit from social anxiety therapy at a treatment center. Mental illness are multifaceted, and as such, the treatment for them should also be diverse. Someone suffering from anxiety can be even harder when you live somewhere that has a huge influence from social media.

If you prefer medication over the therapy, remember that the medication is not at all a cure for the social anxiety; rather it can just relieve the symptoms for a while. There are three types of medications for the person with a social anxiety disorder:

i)                    Benzodiazepines:

These medications are the fast-acting anti-anxiety medications but because these medications are addictive and sedating, therefore, these are only recommended when other medications stop working.

ii)                   Beta blockers:

These medications are just made for relieving performance anxiety. Rather than affecting the emotional symptoms, these medications have the ability of only controlling physical symptoms such as shaking hands or rapid heartbeat.

iii)                 Antidepressants:

It is advisable to take these medications only when the social anxiety disorder is devastating and unbearable.

With the help of psychotherapy, you can be able to recognize your negative thoughts and changing them into the positive thoughts so as to live a happy and peaceful life. You need to search for the best anxiety treatment center where you can be provided the best cognitive behavioral therapy. The cognitive behavioral therapy makes it possible for you to develop the coping skills which allow you to deal with the social anxiety situations with a great confidence.

If your life is disturbed because of the social anxiety disorder, get rid of this disorder right away with the help of anxiety therapy provided by a team of experienced professionals at FamilyTime Centers. If you are finding out the best solution for social anxiety in Los Angeles, then Family Time Center is unquestionably the best solution to this problem.



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