Meet the FamilyTime Center Staff

Meet the FamilyTime Center Staff


Jacquelyn Michael, Practice Manager

Jacquelyn Michael
Jackie was born in Lorraine, Ohio and graduated from Lorraine High School. After moving to Southern California with her husband Kevin, she worked several years for Rockwell Aerospace in Los Angeles, before becoming a paraprofessional counselor at an in-patient psychiatric facility. While there met the facility psychologist who hired her to manage ProPsych Services, a practice she has managed faithfully since 1993. In addition to billing, scheduling and overseeing the paperwork of a revolving staff of almost twenty therapists she is the practice manager for ProPsych’s sister corporation, FamilyTime Centers. In her spare time she enjoys playing bingo and tournament poker. 

Kelley Ward, Office Manager

Kelley Ward
 Kelley was born and raised in Lubbock, TX. She went to Colorado High School, learned practical nursing at Casa Loma Nursing School and Medical Billing from Pacoima Skills Center. For the past ten years Kelley has provided billing and receptionist services and overseen the day-to-day operations of ProPsych Services business office. In addition, she has assumed oversight of FamilyTime Center of Valley Village. She does not have much time for hobbies these days, as she is fostering little Hope, an adorable toddler she intends to adopt.

Merlin, Trained Therapy Dog, Hypoallergenic Office Mascot

Merlin, Trained Therapy Dog
Merlin, a well‐mannered and gentle Wheaten Terrier (whose occasional presence in the office is always optional) enjoys herding children and adults alike. He is popular at the various hospitals he visits, where he generally prefers patients to staff. Well known as intuitive therapy animals, teams of Wheaties were released into London’s underground air raid shelters during World War II to seek out and huddle with especially frightened children and adults. Merlin looks much bigger than he is, thanks to his soft, curly coat of fine blonde hair, but underneath it all he is just another skinny terrier who is about 18” at the shoulder. Most of the time, Merlin is content to loll around the office keeping one eye on his charges, just to make sure everyone plays nicely together. 

Ross Phillips M.A., CATC-IV, Marriage and Family Therapist Intern

Ross Philipes
Ross Phillips returned to California in 2009 after spending most of his adultlife overseas. His travels included North America, Latin America, Asia, and North Africa. Ross believes that living and working in Europe and the Caribbean for many years afforded him an open mind,compassion, tolerance, and respect for cultural differences and beliefs. Curiosity, learning, and communication are themes in his life. Ross is a Certified Addictions Treatment Councilor (CATC IV) and has worked with alcoholics, addicts and their families since 2010. Ross received his Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University Los Angeles. While Ross’ particular specialty is working with individuals, couples, and families with problems exacerbated by chemical abuse and dependence, he is experienced in working with clients presenting with a wide range of issues, from diverse backgrounds including adolescents andseniors, professionals and low-income individuals, varied sexual and gender identifications, and wide-ranging religious affiliations. With a positive and professional attitude, he practices with an empathic, client-centered approach informed by CBT techniques such as Motivational Interviewing and Neurofeedback. He is fluent in both English and French with communication skills in Spanish.

Estella Fajardo

Estella Fajardo
Estella was born in Los Angeles and raised in the San Fernando Valley. She graduated from San Fernando High School and later attended Los Angeles Mission College where she studied Business. She entered into the banking industry and remained there for 18 years. Her desire to help the ill prompted her to change professions to the medical field where she obtained a position in the mental health sector for 7 years. She was then inspired to become a caregiver for 3 years. As fulfilling as that was to her, she endeavored to return to the mental health field where she obtained a position with Family Time Center where she is a receptionist, scheduler, assists with billing and payroll and overseas other various duties for Dr. Kaufman. She enjoys singing in her church choir and teaches bible study to children and helps the community through her church. She is currently working on her catechist masters.

Celena Horton, MSW/ASW

Celena Horton
Celena Horton, MSW is a registered ASW 60478, social work intern. She is a humanistic person centered mental health therapist, who believes in meeting the client where they. However, she is eclectic in the theoretic frameworks and techniques that she utilizes with her clients. Her personal mantra is empowering, and motivating her clients', to incite change. She has over five of years' experience of working with individuals, families and couples in various settings including field based, outpatient and private practice settings. Her specialty is working with adults, including those who have severe mental health conditions as well as those coping with everyday life stressors. She completed her undergraduate studies at Cal-State Fullerton with a Bachelor of Science in Human Services, with a specialty in mental health. Then, she went on to complete a Master of Social Work in Social work at Cal-State Los Angeles. She is currently enrolled in a Psychology Doctorate program with an emphasis in Applied Clinical Psychology at The Chicago School of Psychology, her anticipated graduation date is December of 2018.

Raul G Canchola, M.A., Registered Psychological Assistant

Raul G Canchola
>Raul Canchola is a clinical psychology Psy.D student at Alliant International University California School of Professional Psychology and a registered psychological assistant.He earned his masters degree in clinical psychology from Azusa Pacific University and trained in Marriage and Family Therapy. As part of his clinical training, he has done rotations in local school districts where he has provided clinical services to children, adolescents, and families. Additionally, he has worked as a neuropsychology extern at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, where he conducted psychological and neuropsychological assessments to children and young adults. Before working directly in the field of psychology, Mr. Canchola served in the United States Army and worked in law enforcement. He is bilingual and fluent in Spanish, and his clinical interests include working with diverse populations. Moreover, his research interests include adverse childhood experiences, trauma, crime and delinquency, and resiliency.
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