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    It’s late in the evening, you are exhausted from working a long day at the office, and all you want is your child to run into your arms happy that you are home. But its been ten years, and your child is now a teenager, and they are yelling at you about something you can’t fully understand.

    This scenario is depressing, and yet it takes place more often than we like to admit. Teenagers are not the enemy, they don’t want to hate; regardless of the reasons, they are in a state of heightened emotions. It can be really difficult as an adult to remember, let alone understand the strains on a teenager.

    Have you ever imagined that your unhappy or irritable teenager can actually be experiencing a kind of teen depression or anxiety? The term “teen depression” may seem quite strange to you because as adults we often think we carry all the weight of the world on us and our children should have no worries.

    As your kids start growing older, their problems start becoming more complex that they do not like to share with you, but as a parent, it is your responsibility to support them at every step of their life so that these problems don’t become the reason for the teen depression.

    Since 1960 the rate of teen suicide has tripled! Today, teenagers are greatly exposed to the world through social media and the internet, making them susceptible to more bullying, predators. Although there are many parental controls to monitor your child's use of devices and platforms, censoring them will not help them. We suggest talking through these platforms as well as any topic that your child might bring up in a fit of rage or temperament.

    If you find that your teen’s sadness lasts for more than around two weeks and he or she has some other symptoms of depression as well, you need to take him or her to the teen treatment center. If you are based in Los Angeles, make sure to find the best therapist for teenage therapy in Los Angeles.

    Here are some of the reasons why do teenagers get depression:

    i)                   Teenagers may develop feelings of insignificance and failure if they get fewer grades in their exams.      

    ii)                  Some teenagers may get worthlessness feelings because of the social status with peers.

    iii)                Due to quarrels between mother and father or other family members.

    iv)                Sexual orientation can also be one of the reasons for the teen depression.

    Symptoms that a teenager may experience during the teen depression: 

    i)                   Changes in weight and appetite.

    ii)                  Changes in sleep like insomnia or oversleeping.

    iii)                Feeling irritable most of the times.

    iv)                Urge to withdraw from people or several activities.  

    v)                 Fatigue.

    vi)                Feelings of rejection or disrespect.

    vii)              Stomach aches.

    viii)             Feeling of worthlessness or guilt all the time.

    ix)                Severe headaches.

    How can teen depression be diagnosed?

    There is no such medical test or tool that can be able to find out whether a teenager has teen depression or not. But according to the medical professionals, the teen depression is diagnosed with the help of psychological tests and interviews. The level of teen depression can be determined on the basis of interview assessment. The type of treatment that should be given to the teenagers also depends on the data gathered from the interviews. While interviewing the teen, the health professionals also ensure whether the teen has a risk of suicide or not. Keeping in mind all the factors, the treatment is suggested for every teenager having teen depression.

    Different types of teen depression treatment in Los Angeles:

    A huge number of teenagers in the United States suffer from teen depression, but there is nothing to worry at all because a number of depression treatments are available to help them out. Mentioned below are some of the recommended depression treatments that can help your teenagers to come out of the depression stage and live their lives happily thereafter:

    i)                   Psychotherapy:

    When it comes to the best treatment for getting rid of the teen depression, psychotherapy is considered as one of the most effective treatments for treating the teenagers. It is a kind of talk therapy conducted by psychotherapists who help adolescents to gain clarity to what they are feeling and what is the reason that worsens their feelings. A psychotherapist makes all possible efforts to convert the negative thoughts into the positive thoughts by analyzing what’s going on their mind.

    ii)                  Medication:

    There is no such medication for treating the teenagers having teen depression. Medication can only give them relief for a few minutes, whereas depression therapy can change their entire life.

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