Why do EEG Biofeedback?

Why do EEG Biofeedback?

Pace: Stress can lead to anxiety and anxiety to depression. EEG feedback sessions refreshes all three by helping both children and their caregivers to reset, reboot and refresh.

Engage: For those in the Autism spectrum, neurofeedback sessions facilitates increases in social interaction and speech production as well as reduce irritability and social reactivity2

Recover: For those experiencing PTSD, BrainPaint® sessions are big relief. You learn to quiet your mind, reduce your symptoms and require medication all without detailing your traumatizing stories.

Focus: Those diagnosed with ADD/ADHD trained in brain regulation achieve as much symptom relief as with prescription medication, without any side effects - and once learned, treatment is over.

Optimize: World Cup-winning soccer players, Olympic Gold Medal volleyball players and an NFL starting quarterback used neural feedback training to quiet their minds in clutch situations5

Relieve: People with painful conditions such Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, fibromyalgia and peripheral neuropathy experience dramatic relief with successful training on BrainPaint® equipment.

Mind: Individuals in recovery from addiction or struggling in psychotherapy find neurofeedback opens the mind to treatment, so sessions become more meaningful… and more productive.

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