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If you have opened this page, you may be wondering if FamilyTime Centers can really help you. Let me reassure you, we can. If you are looking for relief from intolerable emotional distress or chronic pain, if you need to overcome depression or exchange some self-destructive behavior for more adaptive ways of living… whatever your reason, we know ways to help you. Let me add that, I do not believe it is particularly useful to lie on a sofa talking about the first thing that comes to your mind. I do believe you need to be brave enough, honest enough and disciplined enough to stick to a course of treatment with a psychotherapist who will openly, honestly, and clearly lay out a brief, effective course of treatment for you to follow. 

I would tell you that there are no quick fixes in therapy but mostly, that is just not true. About 85% of survivors of trauma and abuse treated with EMD-R or trained with BaintPaint improve in 5 weeks. Many people with phobias improve after 3 sessions of exposure therapy. 74% percent of people suffering from depression overcome it using the Lewinsohnian group therapy in 7 weeks or neurofeedback for 5 weeks. In 2012, the American Academy of Pediatrics concluded that neurofeedback was as effective as medications in treating ADHD, and 74% of getting BrainPaint neurofeedback see improvement in 10 sessions. The help is here if you want it – psychotherapy proven to achieve rapid, effective lasting relief for many major psychological issues.

You can go many places to seek the help you need for you and your family. I encourage you to seek that help at FamilyTime Centers, where we make you three promises: We promise to get back to you when you contact us; we promise to meet with you in a timely manner, should you wish an appointment; and we promise to provide you with an honest evaluation of your needs and layout a concise plan of treatment by the end of your initial session. And, while price should not be your primary consideration, FamilyTime Centers work with many insurance companies and provide our professional services a rate that most people find reasonable.

If you think we can help you, you are probably right. Please contact us today for further information or to schedule an appointment at (818) 821-6012.

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Ron Kaufman, Psy.D.

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