Attention Deficit Disorder

Combining Psychotherapy and Neurotherapy

BrainPaint neurofeedback is a modern and alternative form of therapy had been revolutionized by specialists in our Los Angeles treatment centers. EEG Biofeedback helps assists psychologists create specialized treatment plans for your specific therapy needs, rather than giving you generic and outdated treatment. Medication and talk-therapy has helped people to a certain extent, but in this advanced age, we want to take your treatment to the next step and create plans to give you the tools you need to manage your mental health concerns.

EEG works by locating the triggers and anxieties which have causes strain on your daily life, and gives specialist the information needed to create a plan for your treatment. BrainPaint technology is the future of therapy because it elevates treatment to show results within six months, rather than years.


Designed With you In Mind

BrainPaint Neurotherapy works with patients to create longer lasting results. Although talk-therapy is genuine and will never be completely useless, it takes years of digging to help get to the center of a client’s troubles. EEG Biofeedback pushes clients and specialists to dig deeper, our minds to work harder at locating out anxiety triggers and potential fears. Afterwards, the neurotherapists and psychologist are able to use the data to create a treatment plan that is modified with only you in mind.

Like an athlete training their body, our goal is to train the mind to perform well under stress and anxiety. It will be impossible for an athlete to train without the right equipment, fitness plan, and diet. The same goes for our minds undergoing therapy. We need the right setting for sessions, the right plan for treatment, and the right kind of specialist to monitor our progress. PERFORM is our motto, and our goal is to get the mind to work well, feel well, and help us live better lives.

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