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FamilyTime Centers

Neurofeedback Therapy & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
located in Valley Village, Los Angeles, CA & Studio City, CA

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Our Insurances

We accept many insurances. Please contact our front office to confirm, if you do not see yours listed. 
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Our Mission

We understand the struggles, but encourage and champion our clients to recognize the strengths within themselves. We help individuals who have trouble connecting with others and those seeking a new path in life. Los Angeles can be a challenging place to live and with our help, you can achieve new heights in life.All of our therapists are trained to be compassionate and empathetic, recognize-l the light in all of our patients. We believe that personal connection is vital for a successful life and are dedicated to helping our clients feel safe while working on their challenges. We work with you to develop real-life skills for strong interpersonal relationships and support you while you experience self-growth and transformation.

"In order to find happiness, we need to feel connected and fulfilled. We can accomplish this together by rebuilding the connections in your life that may be lacking and working through any other areas of difficulty you may have. We will work with you to establish a sense of security, connection, and accomplishment in your life."

-Dr. Ronald Kaufman

Owner of Family Time Center
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Are you or your family having trouble coping with the challenges facing your life? Is your son struggling with ADHD, Autism or addiction?Is there an issue that generally plagues you or your family, compromising the quality of your life and your families?
Do anger issues or depression keep you from being the person you know you can be?Plenty of children and adults can benefit from BrainPaint® neurofeedback and supportive cognitive behavioral therapy in Studio City, Los Angeles, Sherman Oaks, North Hollywood, and Valley Village, the clinicians to turn to are the trained professionals of FamilyTime Center of Valley Village.

We are covered by major insurance companies

Out team works directly with the insurance companies to get coverage, file and process claims, and help with appeals when needed.
Our Treatments are Clinically Validated.
Covered by most insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid at various locations.
We take the guesswork out of seeing a therapist.



Ready to get started?

Family Time Centers can help you or a loved one

Why Choose Family Time Center


Improve Relationships with Family and Self

By coming in for therapy, you’ll get a safe and supportive environment where you can explore and address feelings of hurt or anger with the goal of developing an action plan that will move your family toward healing.

Parent/Child Guidance

If behavior problems and communication difficulties are standing in the way of your relationship with your son or daughter, it may be time to give parent-child interaction therapy a chance.

Boost Confidence & Self-esteem

You and Dr. Kaufman build a trusting relationship, which creates a safe and nurturing environment for you to explore your memories, thoughts, and feelings and apply therapeutic practices. 

Decrease Anxiety & Depression

At FamilyTime Centers, we begin with a comprehensive evaluation to assess your anxiety and determine your specific treatment needs. 

Improved Communication

Dr. Kaufman uses this goal-oriented technique to help you attain a better understanding of how your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors affect your mental well-being.


Valley Village Los Angeles
12501 Chandler Boulevard, 102
Los Angeles, CA 91607

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