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ADHD Therapy services offered in Valley Village, Los Angeles, CA

Is your child nicknamed Flash, Speedy or Roadrunner? Are family outings a perpetual game of Where’s Waldo? Do you celebrate your daughter’s unbound enthusiasms but worry about the primrose path down which her joie de vive may lead her? Then, you may feel like one mother, who recently confided, “It breaks my heart when I see my child walking around the school like some little zombie.” A diagnosis of ADHD can be frightening for any family. But there’s no need to let it stand in the way of a full, happy, and productive life. In October, 2012 the American Academy of Pediatrics rated neurofeedback as a Level 1 “Best Support” Intervention for ADHD; this is the highest possible rating and at the same level as medication treatment and cognitive behavior therapy; and, the most reliable, empirically validated instrumentation for neurofeedback is the BrainPaint equipment and protocols used by the psychotherapists at FamilyTime Centers of Studio City, CA. Neural Therapy/Neurofeedback has several advantages. It is painless, non-invasive and has no known side-effects. Moreover, it doesn’t require much from trainees beyond their time and attention. BrainPaintTM has several advantages over other EEG feedback systems, including: quality of feedback (fractal imagery rather than a cheesy video game interface), inter-user reliability (specific treatment protocols do not vary much between providers) and uniquely personalized treatment (Depending on your issues and goals, the BrainPaint system customizes each and every protocol just for you!) ADHD is a complex and challenging condition, affecting every client and each differently. That’s why FamilyTime Centers takes a completely personalized approach to ADHD therapy, using BrainPaint neurofeedback along with a wide variety of supplemental interventions to help each, individual client best manage his/her symptoms and realize the full promise of that life you always knew your child and your family deserved.

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The Attention You Need and Care You Deserve

FamilyTime Centers works with families of individuals diagnosed with ADHD to develop effective strategies for overcoming their greatest challenges and for building strong, positive relationships. As our clients, you and your family will benefit from FamilyTime Centers’s understanding of your needs, the depth of our commitment to you and the variety of innovative treatment options we can put on the table, including: BrainPaint neurofeedback training, cognitive behavior therapy and psychoeducational family therapy.

The October, 2012 Journal of AAP stated that cognitive behavioral therapy was also a Step 1 for ADHD. In January of 2014 The Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics published a study highlighting the remarkable benefits of providing neurofeedback training to children with ADHD. The researchers found that neurofeedback made greater improvements in ADHD symptoms compared to both control and CBT conditions. Even so, imagine what wonders they might work in combination. Should it prove medically necessary, it’s reassuring to know that your clinician is a trained psychotherapist.

Keeping a family together can be a challenge. Sometimes, as parents we need to intervene; sometimes we need to get out of the way; and, sometimes – especially when change is in the air – we really don’t know what to do. FamilyTime Centers helps its parents by offering free group psychoeducational parenting classes when a family member is receiving neural therapy.

Not only shouldn’t ADHD define loved ones, they shouldn’t have to suffer from it at all. If you or a family member has been diagnosed with ADHD, come to FamilyTime Centers of Studio City, CA to learn more about ADHD treatment. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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