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Anger Therapy services offered in Valley Village, Los Angeles, CA

Anger is a normal and often healthy response to negative events. But when uncontrollable anger begins to negatively impact your relationships, job, or quality of life, it may be time to get professional help. FamilyTime Centers provides innovative anger treatment techniques for individuals in Valley Village, CA battling persistent and unmanageable feelings of rage.

Anger Therapy Q & A

Quiet the Rage

The caring therapists of the Family Time Center are here to help when your child can’t stop tantruming, your teen constantly loses it or you find yourself screaming, out of control or even threatening the ones you most love. Science tells us that activation of the limbic system produces intense emotional responses as intense anger, fear, loss of reasoning, and poor impulse control. The Brain Paint Neurofeedback training available at FamiltyTime Center of Valley Village has helped many people regain their lives, their loves and their families by helping them regulate their limbic system and thus their anger, especially when paired with the appropriate psychotherapy.

Get the Help You Need

Constant feelings of intense anger can have far-reaching consequences, including acts of aggression or violence, the destruction of important relationships, and an increased risk of health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, and depression. If you or someone you care about can benefit from anger treatment, reach out to FamilyTime Centers to explore the options available.

Here to Help

Our goal at The Family Time Center of North Hollywood is to help people face their difficulties in the least restrictive way. Counseling and neurofeedback training are often the first choice for many. Often neurofeedback training and counseling enable people to meet this goal. FamilyTime Center wants your family to better lead the kind of life going forward that you always wanted for you and your loved one, it’s our mission and our promise.

Learn to control anger before it controls you. Contact FamilyTime Center of Valley Village today for your appointment to find out more about how we provide anger treatment

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