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Trauma services offered in Valley Village, Los Angeles, CA

Trauma is a prevalent problem — around 70% of Americans experience some type of traumatic event during their lives. At FamilyTime Centers, located in the Valley Village area of Los Angeles and in Inglewood, California, Ronald Kaufman, PsyD, diagnoses trauma and offers personalized treatment plans to help you learn to cope with your memories, emotions, and thoughts. Don’t let trauma continue to disrupt your life. Call FamilyTime Centers or make an appointment online today.

Trauma Q & A

What is trauma?

Trauma is the response to a dangerous or life-threatening experience. It interferes with your ability to function in your daily life, reducing your capacity to cope with stress and other stimuli. In addition to affecting your mental health, trauma also contributes to physical health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension.

Everyone responds to traumatic events differently. Some of the experiences that can cause trauma include:

  • Physical or emotional abuse
  • Personal or sexual assault 
  • Childhood neglect
  • Natural disasters
  • Automobile accidents
  • Active shooter situations
  • Military combat

You can also experience trauma after witnessing one of these events.

Is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) different from trauma?

PTSD is a specific type of trauma. While nearly everyone experiences trauma symptoms after living through or witnessing a life-threatening event, those symptoms often decrease over time. 

PTSD symptoms usually emerge several weeks or even months after the traumatic event. Additionally, PTSD causes four specific categories of symptoms: intrusive thoughts, avoidance behaviors, alterations in cognitive processes and moods, and increased reactivity and arousal. 

When should I talk to a psychologist about trauma?

It would help if you considered seeking psychological treatment after a traumatic experience, whether you have symptoms or not. Taking time to tend to your mental and emotional health could help you avoid or reduce future issues. 

Additionally, you should make an appointment with Dr. Kaufman at FamilyTime Centers if you have trauma symptoms that interfere with your life. A typical trauma symptom is feeling like you deserve to live with negative thoughts or situations, but this is not the case. Help is available. 

How is trauma treated?

At FamilyTime Centers, Dr. Kaufman begins with a comprehensive assessment of your condition. This evaluation allows him to understand your needs and tailor a treatment program to address them. 

While each program is unique, Dr. Kaufman often combines elements of psychotherapy, BrainPaint® neurofeedback, and eye movement desensitization and reprogramming (EMDR). Dr. Kaufman explains your treatment program and answers your questions, so you know what to expect.

He might also assign homework and recommend lifestyle modifications. Improving your diet and exercise habits can enhance your overall wellness, making it easier to cope with your symptoms. 

If trauma interferes with your life, call FamilyTime Centers today or make an appointment online for expert help.

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