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Your family is the center around which all its members revolve When its not working, it seems like nothing is working. That’s why conflicts between family members can be complex and emotionally charged. If recent life changes, parenting challenges, emotional disorders, or behavior problems are straining relationships within your family, professional treatment could be extremely beneficial. FamilyTime Centers works with families in Valley Village, CA how ever they are constructed, helping them to identify and address the difficult issues that are standing in the way of the strong, loving relationships they deserve.

Life changes, such as moving, divorce, or the birth of a new child, can disrupt family dynamics and create additional stressors. Parenting challenges, such as communication difficulties or disagreements about discipline, can strain relationships within the family. Emotional disorders or behavior problems in one or more family members can further complicate matters. These challenges are not easy to navigate alone, and seeking professional help can make a significant difference.

At FamilyTime Centers, a team of skilled therapists works collaboratively with families to explore and resolve these issues. They provide a supportive and non-judgmental environment where families can openly express their thoughts and emotions. Through evidence-based therapeutic interventions, they help families develop effective communication skills, manage conflicts, and strengthen their bonds.

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Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is a widely recognized intervention approach that focuses on improving the parent-child relationship and enhancing the development of children between the ages of 1 and 2.

This evidence-based treatment combines elements of cognitive-behavioral therapy with play therapy techniques to address a variety of mental health concerns.

PCIT empowers parents by teaching them new parenting skills and strategies to promote positive interactions with their children. It emphasizes the importance of quality family time and provides access to community resources such as family time centers, which cater to families with children aged 3 to 6-21. These full time centers serve as community hubs where parents can receive support, education, and guidance in enhancing their parenting skills.

When familytime centers open their doors to families, warm and friendly individuals are present to create a welcoming environment. These individuals build personal relationships with parents, fostering a sense of trust and support. This is especially crucial for parents who may experience social anxiety or feel overwhelmed by the challenges of using new parenting skills. Through PCIT and the resources offered at familytime centers, parents can develop the necessary skills to navigate their parenting journey effectively.

By providing access to community resources and equipping parents with effective parenting skills, PCIT aims to improve the overall well-being of families. The benefits of this approach extend beyond the therapy sessions, as it equips parents with the tools they need to create a better life for themselves and their children. From fostering positive parent-child interactions to addressing mental health concerns, PCIT plays a vital role in promoting healthy family dynamics and supporting the development of children from infancy to early adulthood.

Why Choose Family Time Centers Family Therapy?

When seeking family therapy, FamilyTime Centers should be your top choice due to their commitment to keeping social values intact. Located in an inclusive and accessible location, FamilyTime Centers prioritize the well-being of every individual, allowing them to connect with their inner selves and align with their core values. FamilyTime Centers offer a wide range of therapeutic services, including neurofeedback therapy, which can support individuals in navigating challenges such as depression, anxiety, and more.

At FamilyTime Centers, highly trained therapists provide compassionate and personalized care to every family. These therapists understand the unique dynamics and complexities within families, ensuring that each member, including children, receives the support they need. By addressing mental health concerns and fostering healthy relationships, FamilyTime Centers create a healthier place for families to thrive.

Choosing FamilyTime Centers for family therapy means selecting a trusted and reliable team of professionals who are dedicated to helping families overcome obstacles and build stronger bonds. With their expertise and experience, these therapists guide families on a journey towards a better life. By providing these therapies in a nurturing and supportive environment, FamilyTime Centers empower families to navigate life's challenges while keeping their social values intact.

Family Therapy Q & A

What are different types of Family Therapy?


At Family Time Center we work with a variety of family issues, including:

  • Divorce/separation?
  • Blended families?
  • Cross Generation Concerns?
  • Chronic illness?
  • Disabilities?
  • Child behavior management?
  • Grief?
  • Transition issues?
  • SingleParent Challenges?
  • Adoption/Caretaker Issues

Bringing Families Together

FamilyTime Centers aims to help families like yours establish positive communication skills and stronger relationships. By coming in to family time centers for therapy, you'll get a safe and supportive environment where you can explore and address feelings of hurt or anger with the goal of developing an action plan that will move your family toward healing.

Family therapy is a chance for family members to connect and work through problems, strengthen communication, reenergize relationships or heal past wounds. At FamilyTime Center every family member is given a chance to process thoughts, feelings, and perspectives with one another, while working successful behavioral exchanges and positive patterns of reinforcement. As unhelpful patterns of interaction are discovered, described and addressed, new healthier patterns emerge and become integrated into your family's functioning.

Ultimately, as this process unfolds each family member gains a deeper understanding of their inner self and of others. FamiltyTime Center of Valley Village strives to make this is a healing experience that will change the lives of you and each of your loved ones by sowing the seeds to restore trust, respect, love, and to create the new-found confidence to build on your relationships.

If a person in your family is struggling, let FamilyTime Centers help. Call today for more information or to schedule your appointment