Parent Child Interaction Therapy

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Parent Child Interaction Therapy

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Are a child’s behavior problems negatively impacting your family? FamilyTime Centers in Studio City, CA is here to help. Parent-child interaction therapy has been shown to reduce behavior problems in young children and help parents develop more effective parenting techniques. FamilyTime Centers provides parent-child interaction therapy services for families struggling with child behavior problems. This innovative approach, which involves both you and your child, is designed to help you refine your communication and interactions with your son or daughter.

Parent Child Interaction Therapy Q & A

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The goal of parent-child interaction therapy is to help you better understand and connect with your child. By participating, you may discover ways to reinforce your child’s positive behaviors and help him or her more constructively deal with negative emotions. And, in turn, your child may respond positively to these healthier interactions – which means a closer relationship and better quality of life for both of you.

If behavior problems and communication difficulties are standing in the way of your relationship with your son or daughter, it may be time to give parent-child interaction therapy a chance. Contact FamilyTime Centers for your appointment.