Patients Reviews

My experience with the staff in your office has been stellar!! I always look for to my appointments.

Jimie B. | Jul 13, 2022
Dr. Horton has helped me tremendously. I highly recommend.

Fredrisha D. | Jul 10, 2022
Excellent service

Naomi N. | Jul 05, 2022
My therapist helps me feel safe and understood in our sessions. What I’ve learned so far has already positively affected my life in ways I didn’t think possible

David S. | Jun 28, 2022
LaTina rocks

Samuel M. | May 31, 2022
Jazz is amazing!! She's helped me see things that have been blocking my progress. My therapy sessions with her always end on a good note.

Juan F. | May 15, 2022
The therapists are alright for most people with common mental health conditions, but not great for anyone who needs specialized therapy. I may or may not have ASD, and my therapist is great at helping navigate some of my symptoms, but she can’t diagnose or refer me to anyone who can diagnose within the whole clinic, and she’s not experienced with the condition.

Manifa B. | Apr 16, 2022
It's been great and life-changing thank you

Ann S. | Mar 21, 2022
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